Hooks, Shelves, Holders

By using our creatively designed hooks, shelves and holders one can transform simple washroom supplies into a more practical and even elegant washroom. These washroom supplies can easily enhance the overall look and feel of a busy washroom without sacrificing the actual functionality of the product. 

However, make sure to apply the correct combination to your washroom in order to avoid the risk of clutter and chaos. Keep it simple and ensure a cohesive, symmetrical appearance that comes off giving the user, both, eye-catching appeal and practicality. 

Hooks, shelves and holders are designed for exactly as that; to hold, to shelve and to hook items. Though, the market is loaded with a massive range of specialty brands, designer models and niche product lines that in most cases has caused confusion amongst the masses. Since they no longer no what or where to purchase their washroom supplies because of the overwhelming supply out there. With a majority of these massed produced accessories, only designed to be used in residential applications and in some cases just for aesthetics only. Usually these accessories are constructed with subpar materials which leads to equipment failure. Which you’ll have to replace by a superior product anyhow. 

Rewards of Purchasing Hooks, Shelves and Holders

These washroom supplies have quickly become a very valuable asset to all modern-day commercial washrooms. In order to remain hygienic and sanitary as possible inside one of the highest contaminated areas of any commercial setting. Than these washroom supplies are mandatory! By installing these assets, you’re making your washroom more hygienic and practical.

What can I use it for? 

First off, you won’t need to put things on the washroom floor or dirty countertops anymore. Ultimately keeping your goods free of bacterial infestation which will would be carried away from the washroom and into the surrounding world. Then creating more havoc to those that come in contact with these pesky microbes after your washroom departure. 

Uses for hooks, shelves and holders;

  • Hang Your Hats
  • Hang Your Bags 
  • Hang Your Jackets
  • Shelf Storage
  • Hold Your Mobile Phones
  • Hold Your Keys
  • Hold Your Wallet   

By purchasing your line of washroom supplies with Washroom Dispenser Warehouse, you’ll be purchasing quality materials and accessories built to last. Our line of products are specifically designed to handle the heavy washroom workload that commercial settings generate giving you the peace of mind of pure longevity. Purchasing your washroom supplies with us today assures you a feasible option with bulk buying discounts available upon request and will be delivered directly to your doorstep!

Classic Series Surface Mounted Single Robe Hook
B-671Single Robe HookBright-polished stainless steel. Flange is 2" x 2" (50 x 50mm). Hook is 1 1⁄4" ..
Clothes Hook
B-233Clothes Hook11‑gauge (3.2mm), type 304 stainless steel, satin finish. Hook is 1 1⁄4" x 1 1⁄4" (..
Clothes Hook with Bumper
B-212Clothes Hook with BumperSolid aluminum casting, matte finish. Rubber bumper protects wall or pa..
Double Robe Hook Brite
B-672Double Robe HookBright-polished stainless steel. Contoured 4" (100mm) wide bar forms hook at ea..
Double Robe Hook-bright
B-7672Double Robe HookBright-polished stainless steel. Contoured hook is 3 15⁄16" (100mm) wide. Flan..
Double Toilet Paper Dispenser - Satin
B-6867Surface-Mounted Toilet Tissue DispenserSatin stainless steel. Support-arm flanges lock to conc..
Folding Shower Seat 960x355mm As1412.1 Compliant
Hat & Coat Hook Brite
B-682Hat and Coat HookBright-polished stainless steel. Flange is 2" x 2" (50 x 50mm). Hook 1" W, 6 1..
Heavy Duty Clothes Hook (Exposed Mounting)
B-211Heavy-Duty Clothes Hook with Exposed MountingMounts with three exposed countersunk mounting scr..
Heavy Duty Shower Curtain Rod - 1220mm
B-6107 x 48 ClassicSeries® Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Rod48" (1220mm) length. Type 304 stainless..
Heavy Duty Shower Curtain Rod - 1520mm
B-6107 x 60 ClassicSeries® Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Rod60" (1525mm) length. Type 304 stainless..
Heavy Duty Shower Curtain Rod - 1830mm
B-6107 x 72 ClassicSeries® Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Rod72" (1830mm) length. Type 304 stainless..
Heavy Duty Shower Curtain Rod - 910mm
B-6107 x 36 ClassicSeries® Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Rod36" (915mm) length. Type 304 stainless ..
Heavy-Duty Clothes Hook with Concealed Mounting
B-2116Heavy-Duty Clothes Hook with Concealed MountingLocks to wall plate with three stainless steel ..
Shelf 610mm In Brite
B-683 x 24Surface-Mounted Toiletry Shelf24" length (610mm). Bright-polished stainless steel. Shelf 4..
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