Hand Dryers Cool Devices (Hot Air and Dry Hands)

Washing our hands has been a regular habit since childhood. Have you ever thanked your mother for helping reduce your risk of bacterial infection? Maybe we should. Mums across Australia work feverishly to keep us grubby kids clean, a lifelong task that never gets enough gratitude. She’ll appreciate the accolades. 

The Benefits of a Commercial Hand Dryer

Now that we’re all grown up we still get our mitts just as dirty as we did as a child. So proper washing and drying of our hands is vital to a healthy lifestyle and community. 

A commercial hand dryer, Australia’s most trusted bathroom accessory is one of the best ways to ensure proper hygiene in a public setting. Washing those Aussie hands with antibacterial soap and a touch-free hand drying unit remains the most effective measures against the spread of bacteria and infection worldwide. 

When applying your commercial hand dryer. Australia will benefit in the following ways;

  • fight against contagious disease 
  • proper hygiene 
  • easy on the environment

While most of us instinctively reach for those environmentally taxing paper towels. Using the hand dryers installed in public bathrooms is just as good and efficient way to dry your hands, if not better. 

Are You in the Market For A Commercial Hand Dryer Australia?

Looking to purchase a commercial hand dryer Australia? Look no further than than your trusted source here at the Washroom Dispenser Warehouse for your office, restaurant or commercial/industrial space. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation as Australia’s most trusted name in commercial washroom accessories nationwide.  

Selecting the Right Unit

There are still other advanced models that deliver anti-bacterial protection. There is a choice of poly-carbonate or aluminum bodies. All these factors will collectively determine how much you need to pay for the unit. 

A Better Environment

Still not convinced about using a touch-free commercial hand dryer Australia!  Just consider the environment and the number of trees saved by your conversion to air dryers. 

The carbon footprint left behind from traditional paper practices is dreadful. The electricity consumed in converting the pulp to paper is absurd and can be greatly reduced with the transition to any of our hand drying units. 

And finally, think of the petrol required in transportation Paper products require delivery and disposal means which ultimately consume fossil fuels which create more Co2 into the environment. Not to mention the landfills (even if the paper is biodegradable and chemical-free) will quickly fill with the byproduct of paper products and leave its mark. 

By using our hands-free hand dryer units, the environment and your customers will thank you for it.

Aircraft ADA Recessed Hand Dryer Automatic Sensor - White Viterous Enamel Finish
B-750AirCraft® ADA Recessed Hand DryerDurable, cast-iron with white vitreous enamel finish, automati..
Elan QuietDry Series TerraDry ADA Surface Mounted Hand Dryer White High Gloss
International B-715Elan™ Surface-Mounted Hand DryersContemporary styling, satin-finish type 304 stai..
Elan QuietDry Series, TrimDry ADA Surface Mounted Hand Dryer - SSS Finish
B-7120QuietDry™ Series, TrimDry™ ADA Surface-Mounted Hand DryerDurable, 22-gauge, zinc-plated steel ..
Elan Surface Mounted Hand Dryer Automatic Sensor - SSS Finish
B-7128QuietDry™ Series, TrimDry™ ADA Surface-Mounted Hand DryerDurable, 22-gauge, Type 304 satin-fin..
Quiet Dry Series, Dura Dry Surface Mounted - High Speed Hand Dryer - Chrome Finish
Chrome finish Unit is equipped with single outlet for efficient dry time. Uniquely designed to have ..
Quiet Dry Series, Dura Dry Surface Mounted - High Speed Hand Dryer - White High Gloss Epoxy Finish
B-778QuietDry™ Series, DuraDry™ Surface-Mounted High Speed Hand DryerChrome finish Unit is equipped ..
QuietDry Series TerraDry ADA Surface Mounted Hand Dryer Chrome Finish
B-7188QuietDry Series TerraDry ADA Surface Mounted Hand Dryer Chrome FinishOne-piece, aluminum die-c..
QuietDry Series TerraDry ADA Surface Mounted Hand Dryer Chrome Finish
B-7180QuietDry™ Series, TerraDry™ ADA Surface-Mounted Hand DryerAluminum die-casting with white high..
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